What is a digital world?

Written summation: What is a digital world?

A Digital World

The phrase ‘digital world’ refers to how our world is encompassed by technology. It is about how our digital world is constantly progressing with new technologies arising and continuously being updated (IGI Global, 2017, para 1). Whether it is our social, work, or school life, our lives are driven by technology. We use digital devices in our day-to-day life to socialise, communicate, complete tasks, and do research. The best thing is, that we are able to use a single device to achieve these tasks; whether it is a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet (Abelow, n.d.). We do so many things using technology, especially with mobile phones. Smartphones have a range of tools required for our everyday life and we rely on them. Some of these common tools include an alarm clock, a camera, and a flashlight.

Below is an infographic, describing how reliant we really are on digital technology, especially on mobile phones, and the impact it has on our health.

XIeGutz.jpg(Are you a nomophobe?, n.d.)

Technology Changed Our Lives

Technology only continues to improve our lives. We are able to transfer files, send messages, and make calls only in a matter of seconds and to anyone, anywhere in the world. It is like having the world at your hands while holding a smartphone (Kendrick, 2013, para 4-13). Our world is so reliant on technology that it can be considered essential that everyone must be able to adapt to any new technology that comes into our world.

(Stuatkins, 2017)

Adapting to Technology

To be able to understand the world, we must understand the technology that is used. Teachers are now required to have a digital pedagogy, which is the ability to teach a subject using digital technology (Howell, 2012, p. 5). This also means that teachers must be able to find suitable technologies and programs to incorporate into their lesson plans for students to use and explore, which creates expectancy from both students and teachers to be able to understand how to use the technologies provided.

(Cagle Cartoons, 2010)

Click on the link below to read more about digital fluency and its importance:



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