Final Reflection

To create my blog, I used a number of different tools, such as WordPress, Soundcloud, and Prezi. Soundcloud assisted me in creating a voice recording, which I was then able to insert into my blog. It was a place where I was able to practice my teacher voice and a tool that I will be able to use in a classroom. I could record myself, reciting specific words or sounds for the younger year groups to listen to and learn.

Prezi helped me create a fun and engaging presentation. Instead of just writing down my thoughts, I was able to incorporate visual elements, such as images and infographics to complement my information. This is definitely something that I will be able to use in the classroom because I could create fun presentations and speak about them to the class. Lastly, WordPress helped me to collect all my information and put it all into one place. I inserted my voice recording and visual presentation, as well as multiple pictures, videos, and of course, plenty of information to describe my chosen topics. Creating this blog helped me to explore more programs and become more digitally aware, adding on to my digital fluency.

(A Brave New Digital World, n.d.)

Using these digital tools in the classroom are of high importance because it engages students in their work on another level. It is not just another worksheet or creating another poster, it is using technology to create something that you otherwise could not with pen and paper (Wainwright, 2017). It is also of vital importance that children start to develop digital fluency at an early age. Just like learning a language, the sooner you begin learning, the easier it will come to you, rather than starting in your adult life (Holland, 2013).

Click on the link below to read more about the importance of using digital technology in the classroom:

Explore the infographic below to learn more about digital learning in our society:

(Digital learning becomes fourth literacy, n.d.)


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